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Buyer submits their Corporate Profile for Approval

It usually takes a couple days to receive an answer on approvals because buyers are checked against Russian refinery blacklists and their non-perfomer files.  In the meantime, review and STUDY the FOB Rotterdam procedure choices provided by your trader at CGT.  

Buyer needs to complete the new buyer information sheet and the buyer's mandate information form if a mandate is involved.  Without these basic items, we cannot get a product SCO issued by the refinery.

FOB Rotterdam or CIF to your Port?

While the buyer is selecting a procedure for their purchase. make sure your trader knows if it is for FOB Rotterdam or CIF delivery to Any Safe World Port, there are separate procedures for CIFs and FOBs.

Know Your Tank Storage Company

It's currently the largest area of scams in Rotterdam and knowing your tank storage company is essential to your success.  

If you are using your own tank company and you have never done business with them before, we encourage you to go to Rotterdam and meet the tank company that is going to receive your fuel.  Establish a relationship with the tank company operator and get to know how to reach them by phone. You should meet them personally and confirm their identity before you send them any money.

Colonial Grade Trading has procedures that will allow the buyer to inject to their tanks or, if the buyer cannot locate suitable verifiable storage, seller will put it in tanks at their nominated facility at seller's expense for a tank take over procedure.  

Another option is to select a Q88 procedure and lift with your vessel, but please note injection charges and discharge port taxes to the Port of Rotterdam will apply as well as the export taxes when the shipment leaves Rotterdam.

After the Buyer's CP is approved, Seller issues their SCO

After the buyer has submitted their CP with the new buyer information form, the mandate information sheet, and the selected procedures, the seller will issue their product SCO to the buyer which includes the product, trial quantity, price, and the selected procedures.

Once the SCO is signed, sealed, and returned to the seller, the seller will issue their FCO or Full Corporate Offer with refinery information for the buyer's ICPO.

Receipt of Seller's FCO and Submitting Your ICPO

Once the buyer receives the FCO, it is signed and returned along with the buyer's ICPO to the refinery to receive the CI or Commercial Invoice.

Buyer Signs the CI and we're Almost Done

Once the Commercial Invoice is fully executed and returned to the refinery, the buyer may be receiving POP documents depending on the procedures that were selected.  An injection report is included with the POP documents that has a daily Q&Q report on the injection by the tank company's SGS team.  

While verifying the injection report and other POP documents, the buyer can simply contact SGS and verify the injection report Q&Qs when the product was put in the seller's tanks. We recommend this because our experience has been brokers and first time buyers can't perform simple due diligence to verify the POP documents.

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