We have compiled a list of fake tank farms in Rotterdam

Tank Company research by Colonial Grade Trading's Marketing Department.

FERM's Tank Storage Spoofing Blacklist

FERM - 1 August 2018

Here's what we have learned over time about the validity of FERM's blacklist at Colonial Grade Trading. While obvious scams exist in the tank storage business that buyers desperately try to avoid, FERM's Blacklist is not completely accurate information although buyers rely on it as verified by the Rotterdam Port Authority.

Our research indicates legitimate tank farms are listed as scams and we discovered being included on their list only requires someone submitting their name saying they've been scammed with no formal complaint or investigation.

Additionally, we've discovered the FERM Blacklist is run by a broker who charges the tank storage company a fee to have their name removed from the list once they have been added. We completely question the validity of FERM's Blacklist and rely on CGT's own research included on this page.

For what it's worth, here is the current FERM list on Tank Storage Spoofing in Rotterdam from their website.

 Storage Spoofing Blacklist

FERM - 12 November 2018

In the FERM series on Storage Spoofing, we shed light on this form of cybercrime to raise awareness in the port area. You can find the first articles of our campaign online here, in both Dutch and English. For quick access to the introductory article, click here for Dutch and click here for English.

Our key objective is pro-active prevention. That is why, as a complement to our articles, we have set up a dedicated section of our website for a blacklist: a list of websites that are implicated in storage spoofing.

These websites are highly unreliable and often based on existing companies in the port area. In some cases (part of) company or brand names of legitimate entities have been falsely appropriated. It is not our intent to harm legitimate enterprises whose brand name has been adopted, but it is necessary to publish both the name and the URL of fake websites to best enable effective prevention. For instance, Petrobras BV, a legitimate company, is featured in the list below because is not an official Petrobras website. Moreover, tank storage is not a part of Petrobras' business and the official website is

The sole purpose of these blacklisted websites is to facilitate attempts to defraud and swindle companies and entrepreneurs by offering non-existent products and services. 


Please note: we've broken up all URLs so as to avoid hyperlinking to these websites and aiding in their Google ranking. If you wish to check out one of these websites, just copy/paste the URL and remove additional spaces.

Also be advised that any website featured here might already have been removed and taken offline, but is still listed as we have chosen to keep a record for future reference.

A15 Logistics BV, http:// www.a15logistics .nl

AFS Nederland, http:// afs-nederland .nl

Akhtubinskaya Neftebaza, http:// akhtubinskaya-neftebaza .ru/ 

Aleksandrovsky Oil Plant Refinery, http:// anpz-tomsk .ru/

Alliance Marine, http:// alliance-marine .ru

Alliance Marines, http:// almars .ru/en/index.html

Alpha Terminals, http:// alphaterminals. nl/

Amurtransneft Tank Storage, http:// amurtransneft .ru/

AO Deltakom, http:// dtkm .ru/

Apex Global Logistics, http://

Arsneftetrans, http:// arsneftetranslic .ru/

AstraFlot shipping company, http:// .php

AUE Beheer, http:// auebeheer .nl/

AV Maritime Logistics BV, http:// av-maritimelogistics .nl

Baltic Oil Terminal, http:// balticterminal .ru/ 

Baltic Port Tank Farms, http:// en.balticport-tankfarms .ru

Baltiysk Terminal BV, http:// baltiyskterminalbv .nl/index.php

Banyan Caverns, http:// banyancaverns .ru/

BAT-Logistika LLC, http:// bat-logistika .ru/

Baza SV, http:// baza-sv .ru/

Black Si Shipping Service LLC, http:// blacksishippingservice .ru/index.html

Beacon Terminals BV, http:// beaconterminals .nl

Benetanker Chartering BV, http:// benetanker .nl

Binschel BV, http:// binschel .nl/

Boliden Chemikalien Handelsgesellschaft, https:// bch-terminal .nl/

Bominflot BV Tank Storage, http:// bominflot .nl

Borax Rotterdam Storage NV, http:// boraxrotterdamnv .com/

Botlek Tank Terminal, http:// botlektankterminal .com/ (Abuse of company name: Botlek Tank Terminal)

Bridge Terminal, http:// bridge-terminals .ru/

Brightoil Petroleum BV, https:// brightoilpetroleumbv .nl/

Bulk Lines Terminal, http:// bulklines .ru/

Butrol BV, http:// butrol .nl/

BV Trans, https:// bv-trans .ru/home

BV-Logistik, https:// bv-logistik .nl/

By Transport & Logistiek BV, https:// bv-bytranslogistiek .nl/

Capital-Bunker LLC, http:// capital-bunker .ru/

Cargo LLC, http:// cargo-llc .ru/

Carbossa International BV, http:// carbossainternational .com/

Chemtrade Aglobis BV, http:// chemtradetanks-aglobis .com/

Chemtrade Storage Nederland BV, http:// chemtradestorage .com

Cobart Lite, http:// cobart-lite .ru/

Coral Star Shipping, http:// coralstarshippingbv .nl/

Corevillo Limited, http:// corevillo .com/

CTST-Group, http:// ctsc-group .com/

Dagaz Shipping and Logistics, http:// dagazsl .nl

Dan-Balt Tank Terminal, http:// dan-balttank .nl

Delcon Maritime Tank Terminal, https:// delconterminal .com/

Delta Oil Tanking BV, http:// deltaoiltanking .com/

Delta Terminal BV, https:// delta-terminal .nl/

DKF Corporation Sdn Bhd,

DiVito Marine Consulting BV, http:// divitomarine .com/

Dutch Star BV, http:// dutchstarbv .com/

Ecotrans Tank Farm, https:// ecotrans52 .com/

Ekoneft Terminal, http:// ekoneftterminal .ru/

EMEC storage, https:// niehuis-vdb .com/

Energos LLC, http:// energosllc .ru/

ETT Pipeline Operations BV, http:// ett-pipeline .nl/

Euro-Asian Oil, http:// .nl/index.php

Euro-Asian Oil BV, http:// .nl/

Euro Tankfarm, http:// eurotankfarm .nl

Euro Tank Terminal, http:// eurotankterminal .nl/ (copy of

Euro Terminals LLC, http:// euroterminals .ru/

Europa Storage Terminals, https:// esterminals .com/

European Tank Logistics, http:// eutanklogistics-bv .com/

Europoort BV, http:// europoorttankers .com/

Exfor Logistics BV, http:// exforlogisticsbv .com/ 

Exploitatie BV, http:// exploitatie .org

Extar BV, http:// extar .nl/

Fabinacci Group PC Port Terminal Agency, http:// fabinaccilogistics .com/

Favorit LLC, http:// iffavorites .com/

Favorit LLC, http:// milease .com/

FM-Bunker OOO, http:// fm-bunker .ru/

Fuel Logistics and Finance BV, http:// fuellogistics .nl/index.html

Garant Tank Boerderij(!), https:// garant-tankfarm .nl/

Gazkom LLC, http:// gazkom-npz .ru/

Gaznefte Holding LLC, http:// gaznefteholding .com/

Gevelco Distriport BV, http:// gevelcodistriport .nl/

Gevelco Terminals BV, http:// gevelcoterminals .nl/

Gdansk Druzhba Pipeline http:// gdansk-druzhba-pipeline-nv .business/site/

Gdansk Druzhba Pipeline NV, http:// gdanskdruzhba .nl/

Global Petrol Storage, http:// gpsa .nl/

Hartel Oil Terminal BV, http:// harteloilterminalbv .nl

Havik Services BV, http:// havikservicesbv .nl/

HES Hartel B.V, https:// hes-hartelbv .com (Abuse of company name HES international)

HES international BV, http:// hesinternationalbv .eu/ (Abuse of company name HES international)

Hoyer Nederland BV, http:// hoyer-nl .com 

Imperia Freight, http:// imfreight .ru/

Intertek-SPB, http:// interntekspb .ru/

ITank BV, http:// itankbv .nl/ (abuse of company name iTanks)

JFK Shipping BV, http:// jfkshipping .org/

JSC Globoil Terminal, https:// globoilterminal .com/

JSC Veds, https:// jsc-veds .ru/

JTBM BV Tank Farm, http:// jtbmbvtankfarm .nl/

Junto Terminal & Logistics BV, http:// junto-terminal .nl

Koninklijke Vopak NV, http:// koninklijke-vopaknv .nl/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

KoVa HSE BV, http:// kovahsebv .nl/ 

Kransneftprom Tank Farm LLC, http:// krasneftprom-tf .ru/

Lapshinskaya Neftebaza, http:// lapshinskaya-neftebaza .ru/

LBCTT, http:// lbctt. nl/ (Abuse of company name: LBC Tank Terminals)

LBL Tank Terminal, http:// lblterminal .com/

Livreur BV, http:// livreur .nl/

LLC Bratsk-Terminal, https:// bratsk-terminal .ru/

LLC Famcor Shipment, http:// famcorship .ru/en/index.html

LLC Gazpromneft-Invest http:// llc-gni .ru/en/

LLC Georesource M,  http:// georesourcem .ru

LLC Krovotskoe, http:// krotovskoe .com/

LLC Region Gas Servis, http:// en.regiongasservis .ru/

LLC RN-marine terminal, http:// rnmarineterminal .ru/

LLC Sev Logistics Services, http:// sevlogistics .ru/

LLC Shambala, http:// shambala.msk .ru/en/

LLC Terminal D, http:// terminald .ru/en/index.html

LLC Tetras, http:// en.tetrasshipping .ru/

LLC Trans Service, http:// tstank .ru/en/index.html

LLC Vostokport, http:// vostokportllc .ru/

LLC Zapsiboil-Trans, http:// zapsiboil-trans .ru/en/

Logistics Shipping Service LLC, http:// logshipservice .ru/

Logistik Trans, http:// logistiktrans .com

Logistik Trans Service, http:// logistiktransservis .ru/

Logivisi BV, https:// lgvs .nl/

Logivisi BV, https:// algvs .com/

LTD Korkino Tank Farm, https:// korkinotankfarm .com/main

LTL Logistics BV, http:// ltl-logistics .nl/

Lukoil Benelux BV, http:// lukoilbenelux .nl/ (Abuse of company name Lukoil) 

Lyondell Europoort Terminal, http:// lyondellterminals .com/

Maartense Logistic BV, http:// maartenselogistics .nl/

Maastanks, http:// maastanks .eu/ en http:// maastanks .nl/  (abuse of company name: Maastank)

Maasvlakte Terminal, http:// maasvlakteterminal .nl

Maasvlakte Olie, http:// maasvlakteolie .com/ en  http:// maasvlakteolie .nl/

Maas Tank Storage, http:// maastankstorage .nl/ (abuse of company name: Maastank)

Maastank BV, http:// maastankbv .nl/ (abuse of company name: Maastank)

Maatschap Europoort Terminal, http:// maatschapterminalbv .com/

Mafina BV, http:// mafina-bv .eu/

Marine Bidco, http:// marinebidco .nl

Marine Bunker LLC, http:// marine-bunker .ru/

Marine Oil Surveys, http:// marineoilsurvey .nl/

MariNeftGazExport, http:// marineftgazexport .ru/ & http:// marineftgazexport .org/

Marin Trans Logistiks, http:// mtl-shipping .ru/

Master Shipping, http:// mastershipping .ru/

Max Logistics BV, http:// maxlogistics .nl 

Meagle Terminals,  https:// meagleterminals .com/

Mekka Shipping, http:// mekkashippings .ru/

MG Logistics, http:// mg-logistics .nl/

Miro Transport BV, http:// mirotransport .nl/

Mineral Logistics, http:// llcminlogistics .ru/en/

MJ Otterspeer Blonk Tank Farms, http:// mjotterspeerblonkbv .nl/

Modern Forwarding LLC, http:// modernforwarding .ru/

Morgan Shipping CV, http:// morganshipping .nl/

Morservice Group ltd, http:// morservice-group .ru/

Multicore BV,, http:// multicorebv .com/ 

MSE Logistic Services B.V, http:// mselogisticsbv .com/ (abuse of company name: Service Terminal Rotterdam)

Nakhodka Oyl Bunker, http:// eng.oylbunker .ru/

Neft Aktiv, https:// neftaktiv .com/

Neftebaza No 7, http:// neftebaza7 .ru/

Nekst TankFarm, https:// nkttankfarm .com/

Niehuis & van den berg BV, https:// niehuis-vdb .com/

Nitek SAP Shipping, http:// nisas .ru/

Nizhnekamskaya Neftebaza, http:// nik-ru .ru/ & http:// nizhnekamskaya-neftebaza .ru/

Nordwegs Tanks Farm & Shipping Company, https:// nordwegs .com/

Norilsk Nickel Logistics BV, http:// norilsknickellogistics .nl/

Novator LLC, http:// eng.novatorstorage .ru/

Noveks Marine, http:// noveksmarine .ru

Novobalt Terminal, https:// terminal-novobalt .ru/

Novotank Storage LLC, http:// novotankstorage .ru/

NP Neftyanik, http:// np-neftyanik .ru/

Oakley EDC, http:// oakleyedc .com/

OAO Nefto-Service, http:// neftoservice .ru/en/index.html

Oil Shipping BV, http:// oilshippingbv .com/

Oiltanking Amsterdam, http:// oiltankinglogistics .nl/ (abuse of company name: Oiltanking)

Oilwas Terminal Cuijk B.V., http:// oilwasterminal .com/

Olieproducten Julianasluis BV, http:// olieproduktbv .nl/

Omsk Tank Farms, http:// eng.omsktankfarm .ru/

Omsk Terminal & Logistics, http:// omsk-logistics .ru/

Onego, http:// onegoship .ru/

OOO Akhtubinskaya-Neftebaza, http:// akhtubinskaya-neftebaza .ru/

OOO Argayashskaya Tank Farm, http:// argayashskaya .ru/

OOO Baltneft-Tanker, http:// baltnefttanker .ru/

OOO Daloil, https:// daloilstorage .com/

OOO Dalvostoktrans Plus, http:// dalvostoktrans-plus .com/

OOO Neftebaza Sokolska, http:// neftebaza-sokolska .ru/

OOO Odorneft, http:// oooodorneft .com/

OOO PBK Terminal, https:// pbkterminal .ru/

OOO Tank Terminal Logistiks, http:// tankfarm-logistiks .ru/

OOO Transgas, https:// transgazru .com/

OOO Vargashinskaya Tank Terminal, http:// vargashinskaya .ru/en/index.html

OOO Yunko Logistics, http:// yunko-logistics .ru/

Ophergasneft, https:// ophergasneft .com/

Orca Logistics, http:// orcalogisticsservices .nl/ 

Oltex, http:// oltexbv .nl/

Origbo UK Tank Farm, https:// origbo-tankfarm .com

Origin Business Engineering BV, http:// origin-be .com/

Ozburn-Hessey Tank Terminal, https:// oh-terminal .nl/

Panaford Hope Trading BV, http:// panafordhopetradingbv .nl/

Petrobras BV, http:// petrobrasbv .com/

Petroplus Tankstorga Int. BV, https:// petroplustankstoragebv .com/

Petrotan Oil, http:// petrotan-oil .nl/er.html

Petrozavodskneftbaza, http:// petrozavodskneftbaza .ru/

Petro Inspections Group, http:// petroinspections .nl/

Petro Terminal, http:// petro-terminal .com/index.html 

Phoenix Tankfarm, http:// phoenixtankfarm .com/

Phoenix fuel storages, http:// phoenixfuelstorage .com/

Poltava Neftebaza, http:// poltavaneftebaza .ru/

PortStorage Group BV, http:// portstorage .nl/ (Abuse of company: Port of Rotterdam) 

Port Service Europoort BV, http:// ps-europoort .nl/

Port Terminal Agency http:// evioneelogistics .com/

Port TradingCo, http:// port-tradingco .nl/ (abuse of company name: Standic)

PortMatch BV, http:// port-match .nl/en/

Premium Logistics, http:// premlgs .ru/

Premium Storage Solutions, http:// premiumstoragesolution .com/

Premium Terminal, http:// premium-terminal .ru/en/

Primorsk Tank Terminal Logistic, https:// primorsk-terminal .com/en/

Primorskiye Fuel Terminal, http:// primorskiyfuelterminal .ru/ 

Prom Transit, http:// promtransit .nl/

Promtorg Tankfarm, https:// promtorgstorage .com/

ProTrans BV, https:// protransbv .com/

Region Express Tanks Farms,  https:// regionexpress-tf .ru

Renyap Multiservice, http:// renyapmultiservice .nl

Resurs Tanker LLC, http:// resurstanker .ru/en/

Romij Tankstorage, http:// romij-tankstorage .nl

Romij Tank Storage BV, http:// romijstoragebv .nl/index.html

Romijn Energie Nederland BV, http:// romijnenergienbv .nl/

Rossfarm, http:// rossfarm .ru/

Rotterdam Farm Tanks, http:// rotterdamfarmtanks .com/

Rotterdam Farm Tanks, http:// rotterdamfamtank .com/

Rotterdam Oil, http:// rotterdamoil .com/

Rotterdam Port Terminal Agency, http:// ropoterag .nl/

RTM Logistics, http:// rtmlogistics .nl/ 

Rusbunker, http:// rusbunker .net/

Ruza Oil, http:// ruza-oil .ru/

Sakhalin Oil Shipping, http:// soshipping .ru/

Saldusnaftabaza, http:/ /saldusnaftabaza .com/

Samara Terminal, https:// samaraterminal .ru/terminals

Samara Transneft Storage, https:// samaratransneftstorage .ru

Samtrans Tank BV, https:// samtranstank .nl 

Sargeant Logistic Terminal BV, http:// sargeantlogistic .com/

SAS Transport Logistic BV, http:// sastransportlogistics .nl/

Satek LLC, http://

SBD Logistiek BV, http:// sbdlogistiekbv .nl

Seagle Oil Refinery & Shipping Company

Senako Oil, http:// senako-oil .ru/

Shell Europoort Oil Terminal, http:// shell-et .com (abuse of company name Shell) 

Sicura Logistic,

Sitrans Holland BV, http:// sitrans .nl/

SK Refrybflot, http:// rflot .com/

SK Tank Terminal, https:// sk-tankterminal .com/

Snijders Olie BV, https:// snijdersoliebv .com/ en http:// snijdersoliebv .nl/

Sol Trans BV, https:// sol-t .nl/

Standik BV, http:// standicbv .nl/

Standik Tank Farm LLC, http:// standiktankfarm .com/index.php, 

Stargate Oil Terminal B.V., http:// stargate-otrbv .com/ (abuse of company name Stargate Oil, official website

Stargate Oil Terminal Rotterdam BV, http:// stargateoilterminal (abuse of company name Stargate Oil, official website

Suda Logistics, http:// sudalogistics .nl/

Tambov Terminal Storage & Logistics, http:// tambov-terminal .ru/

Tank Depot Europoort BV, http:// tankdepoteuropoort .nl/ 

Tank Farm Bekasovo, http:// en.tankfarmbk .ru/

Tank Holding B.V., http:// tankholding .nl/

Tank Management BV, http:// tankmanagementbv .nl

Tank Storage Assets B.V, https:// tankstorageassetsbv .com/ & .nl/ (abuse of company name: Tank Storage Assets)

Tank Storage Beheer B.V., https:// beheerbv .com/ 

Tank Topko BV, http:// tanktopco .nl/

Tankfarm No.7 BV, http:// neftebaza-7 .nl/

Tatsinskaya Neftbaza, https:// tatsinskayaneftbaza .ru/

TEAM terminals, http:// team-terminals .nl/ (abuse of company name: TEAM terminal | Official website:

Technokom, https:// technokom-tf .ru/

Temkinskaya Tank Farm, http:// temkinskayatankfarm .ru/

Terminal Storage BV, http:// terminalstoragebv .com

TK Trastneft, http:// tk-trastneft .ru/en/index.html

TNK Kontar, http:// tnk-kontar .ru/

Tnk-Logistic, http:// tnk-logistic .ru/

TNP Terminal, http:// tnp-terminal .ru/

Tolbino Terminal LLC, http:// en.tolbinoterminal .ru/

Toros Tank Services, http:// torostankservices .nl/

Trans Meridian, http:// trans-meridian .com/

Translodzhistik, http:// storagetranslodzhistik .nl

Transneft Logistics LLC, http:// tnl-transneft .ru/

Transport Forces BV, http:// transport-forces .nl/

TSE Tank Service Europoort BV, http://

Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa Tank Farms, http:// tsentrinzhenernogo-servisa .ru/en/

TSL Logistics LLC, http:// tsl-logistics .ru/eng/ 

United Bunkering and Transportation Company, http:// ubcbv .nl

Urli In Logistiek B.V., http:// urliinlogistiek .nl/

Usmanskaya tankfarm, http:// usmanskayatankfarm .ru/

Verkade Shipping BV, http:// verkade-shipping .nl/

Vesta Terminal, http:// vesta-terminal .ru/

VIP Terminals, http:// vipterminals .nl/

Vodinksy Terminal LLC, http:// vodinsky-terminal .ru/

Volga-Logistik LLC, http:// volga-logistik .ru/

Volga Service LLC, https:// orgservis .ru/

Volgo Balt, http:// volgobalt-terminal .ru/

Vondelingenplaat, http:// vondelingenplaat .com/ & http:// kochhcpartnership ./com/

Vopak Chemicals, http:// vopakchemicals .com/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Europoort Terminal Rotterdam BV, http:// vopakeuropoort .nl/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Maasvlakte, http:// vopakmaasvlakte .com/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Maasvlakte Terminal, http:// storageterminal .nl/  (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Maasvlakte Terminal, http:// vopakmaasvlaket .nl/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Maasvlakte http:// vopakmaasvlakte .nl/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vostok Logistika, http:// vostok-logistika .ru/

Terminal Vopak, http:// terminal-vopak .com/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Koninklijke Vopak, http:// koninklijke-vopak .com/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)

V.G.C. Storage & Transport B.V., https:// vgcstorage .nl/

Voronovo-Terminal, http:// voronovo-terminal .ru/

Vostokflot Service, http:// vostokflotservice .ru/

VTTI Group, http:// vttigroup .com/

VTTI Terminal, http:// vtti-terminal .com/ (abuse of company name: VTTI | Official website:

VYBORG Storage LLC, http:// vyborg-storage .com/eng/

Westez Storage Facility, http:// westezstoragefacility .com/

YT Logistic Service BV, http:// ytlogistics .nl/


We strive to continuously update our blacklist of websites involved in storage spoofing. When new additions are spotted by our team or reported to either FERM or the Port of Rotterdam Authority, we thoroughly check its contents, background details and the companies they supposedly represent to make sure it is indeed a fake website suspected of taking part in attempted spoofing scams before adding it to our list.

Be advised: the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s Facts & Figures brochure includes a listing of all companies and terminals set up in the port, which can helps you to check whether a website is legitimate.


If you have tips and insights or have spotted a fake website, please contact us at

CGT's independent RESEARCH



A15 Logistics BV,

FAKE/SCAM- this site has been suspended

AFS Nederland,

FAKE/SCAM – Community Youth - Nothing to do with the Oil Industry Also- Not to be confused with:

Akhtubinskaya Neftebaza,

FAKE/SCAM – No Website Found

Aleksandrovsky Oil Plant Refinery,

FAKE/SCAM - No Website Found

Alliance Marine,

FAKE/SCAM – No Website Found

Not to be confused with Alliance Marine Services:

Complete operation and management services)

Alpha Terminals,

BEWARE of Active Website?


AO Deltakom,

Active Website

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

Apex Global Logistics,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found Not to be confused with: World-wide transportation company


Active Website with warnings below

AstraFlot shipping company,

Active Website with warning below:

AUE Beheer,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found No information is available for this page. Learn why

AV Maritime Logistics BV,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found

Show as FAKE on link below:

Baltic Oil Terminal, (FAKE: Incorrect site link to company name on Blacklist) FAKE/SCAM -

Baltic Port Tank Farms,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found

Show as FAKE on links below:

Baltiysk Terminal BV,

Active website – Listed as *FAKE* on link below:

Banyan Caverns,

Active website for Banyan Caverns Storage Services – Listed as *FAKE* on link below:

BAT-Logistika LLC,

Active website – Listed as *FAKE* on link below:

Black Si Shipping Service LLC,

FAKE/SCAM No information is available for this page. Learn why

Beacon Terminals BV,

Active Website with below WARNING:


Benetanker Chartering BV,

Active website with Warning below:

Binschel BV,

FAKE/SCAM – Business not found

This message appears when click on Blacklist link:

Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Bominflot BV Tank Storage,

Fake name: not to be confused with Bominflot BV, Bominflot BV Terminal

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found – Website Link Inactive

Borax Rotterdam Storage NV,

FAKE/SCAM – listed as *FAKE* on link below:

Botlek Tank Terminal,

****REMOVE FROM BLACKLIST – LISTED as below on Whitelist**** HES Botlek Tank Terminal | HES International › Terminals

Apr 11, 2018 - HES Botlek Tank Terminal (HBTT) B.V

Bridge Terminal,


Bridge Terminal, Inc.: Originally built in 1970 it is the second of three in the Maritime International, Inc. family located in New Bedford, MA. With just under 1000 feet of waterfront dockage and an average draft of 30 feet this facility allows for efficient loading and unloading of Cargo vessels up to 500 feet long. A half million cubic foot warehouse with computer controlled ammonia refrigeration systems to regulate temperature from -20 to +38 degrees fahrenheit.

Bulk Lines Terminal,

Active website with Warning below:

Butrol BV,

Active website with Warning below:

BV Trans,

Active website with Warning below:


FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found

By Transport & Logistiek BV,

Active website with Warnings below:

Capital-Bunker LLC,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found This domain has expired

Cargo LLC,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found Not to be confused with Cargo Group LLC –

Carbossa International BV,

Active Website/Seems Fake – Heavy Graphics/site takes forever to come up

Chemtrade Aglobis BV,

Active Website but appears to be *FAKE* Aglobis BV Europoort-Rotterdam, Active in the Port of Rotterdam: No to be confused with ChemTrade Storage Netherlands BV:

Cobart Lite,

FAKE/SCAM – Listed as *FAKE* on link below:

Coral Star Shipping,

Active Website

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

Corevillo Limited,

FAKE/SCAM – Website links to a Trade/Consulting Company


Active Website- Listed as *FAKE* on links below:

Dagaz Shipping and Logistics,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found - Listed as *FAKE* on link below:

Delcon Maritime Tank Terminal,

Active Website-with these Fraud Warnings

***MAY HAVE BEEN Victim of scammers! This message is posted on their homepage.


It has come to our attention, some criminals and scammers are making use of our company's name, tank coordinate and address at the port of Rotterdam to defraud prospective storage tank lessee. Please, Whenever you receive any document with our company name, location, coordinate or any details that could be found on this website, do not hesitate to contact us with the above contact details or use our contact form to reach us for verification and reconfirmation.

Delta Oil Tanking BV,

Active Website- Listed as *FAKE* on link below:

DKF Corporation Sdn Bhd,

FAKE/SCAM – Nothing seems right with this company or website

Trading Company, Business Service (Transportation, finance, travel, Ads, etc)

DiVito Marine Consulting BV,

Active Website- Listed as *FAKE* on link below:

Ecotrans Tank Farm,

*May have been Scammed!

Active Website- Listed as *FAKE* on link below

*There are also several Scam Number Warnings of scammers pretending to be from Ecotrans using their phone numbers and email information:

EMEC storage,

BEWARE! of Active Website

The website has been newly registered with a short life expectancy, which follows the pattern used by many fraudulent and fake selling websites. Please be vigilant and take extra care before providing any payment information.

ETT Pipeline Operations BV,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found – listed as *Fake* on link below:

Euro-Asian Oil,

Active Website-Appears to be Safe

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

Euro Tankfarm,

FAKE/SCAM – No Company Name Exists No information is available for this page. Learn why

Euro Tank Terminal, ??web-link takes you to: BE CAUTIOUS!! Active Website at:

Euro Terminals LLC,

Active Website-Appears to be Safe

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

European Tank Logistics,

Active Website-Appears to be Safe

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

Europoort BV,

FAKE/SCAM - Company name not found

Website link takes you to Europoort Tankers.

Exfor Logistics BV,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found – listed as *FAKE* in link below:

Extar BV,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found

Fabinacci Group PC Port Terminal Agency,

FAKE/SCAM – Website Link Inactive, this message appears when website link is accessed

Your connection is not secure The owner of has configured their website improperly.

To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

Favorit LLC,

Active Website-Appears to be Safe but…..

(There are several different Companies using this name with broken websites.)

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

FM-Bunker OOO,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found

Fuel Logistics and Finance BV,

Active Website-Appears to be Safe

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

Garant Tank Boerderij,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found

Gazkom LLC, Refinery

Active Website

Gaznefte Holding LLC,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Company/Website Found

Gevelco Terminals BV,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found

Gdanks Druzhba Pipeline,

Use with CAUTION!

The link is for Gdanks Druzhba Pipeline N.V.

!!DO NOT click on this link below to verify. Naughty site pops up!!

Global Petrol Storage,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Company/Website Found Not to be confused with GPS Group:

Hartel Oil Terminal BV,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Company/Website Found Not to be confused with:

Havik Services BV,

Active Website

HES Hartel B.V,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Company name found. Although: Website is active Abuse of company name HES international-no hyphen??:

Hoyer Nederland BV,

Fake/Scam – NO Website Found Active in Rotterdam Group –

Imperia Freight,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found Not to be confused with Imperial Freight Worldwide Inc.:

Intertek-SPB, (Link misspelled on Blacklist no “n”) Active Website-Appears to be Safe:

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

ITank BV, Active Website- Not to be confused with iTanks:

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

JFK Shipping BV,

Active Website- Appears to be Safe

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

JSC Globoil Terminal,

Active Website- Appears to be Safe

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

JSC Veds,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found

JTBM BV Tank Farm,

Active Website

Junto-Terminal & Logistics BV,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Company/Website Found

Koninklijke Vopak NV,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found Abuse of company name?: Vopak or are they active in the Port of Rotterdam??

Lapshinskaya Neftebaza,

BEWARE of Active Website – Listed as *FAKE* below

Livreur BV,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Company/Website Found No information is available for this page. Learn why

LLC Bratsk-Terminal,

Active Website without LLC - BEWARE! Listed as *FAKE* below

Navigation on website suspicious-fades quickly, not allowing to read Home page details.

LLC Gazpromneft-Invest No information is available for this page. Learn why

Listed as *FAKE* below

LLC Georesource M, Blacklist Link takes you to: ?? Error on Blacklist ?? Active Website Found when manually enter:


LLC Region Gas Servis,

Active Website- Appears to be Safe

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

LLC Tetras,

Active Website- Appears to be Safe

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

Logistics Shipping Service LLC,

(website link can be found but NOT company name)

Listed as *FAKE* below

Logistik Trans,

Active Website- Appears to be Safe

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

Logistik Trans Service,

Active Website- Appears to be Safe

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

Logivisi BV, -this link inactive Active Website- Appears to be Safe at: ??

NO reason found to be on the Blacklist

LTL Logistics BV,

Active Website- Appears to be Safe

Lukoil Benelux BV,

FAKE/SCAM - abuse of company name Lukoil No information is available for this page. Learn why

Lyondell Europoort Terminal, FAKE/SCAM (Spelled 2 different ways?)

Link below claims they are FAKE

Maartense Logistic BV,

FAKE/SCAM NO Website Found

Link below claims they are FAKE


FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found

Maasvlakte Terminal,

FAKE/SCAM – claimed as FAKE below:

Maasvlakte Olie,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found

Abuse of Vopak name?

Maas Tank Storage,

FAKE/SCAM – NO Website Found

Claimed to be FAKE in links below:

Maatschap Europoort Terminal, FAKE/SCAM – No information is available for this page. Learn why

Claimed to be FAKE in link below:

Mafina BV,

Active Website but link below claims they are FAKE

Marine Bidco,

FAKE/SCAM – Claimed to be FAKE in link below:

Marine Oil Surveys,

No Tank Storage

Marin Trans Logistiks,

Active Website- But could be FAKE Marin vs. Marine Not to be confused with 

MTL Marine Transport Logistics:

Master Shipping,

USE WITH CAUTION: Master Shipping does NOT pop up as a company but the website link takes you to a site that promotes Master Shipping Utilize the interactive map to find a port terminal location that fits your business needs.

Max Logistics BV,

FAKE/SCAM -link takes you to China Machine manufacturing site

Meagle Terminals,

CAUTION: Active Website - link below claims they are FAKE

Mekka Shipping,

CAUTION: Active Website – link below explains fraudulent activity

MG Logistics,

FAKE/SCAM Active Website

Shipping Company in India - NO Tank Storage ALSO, Not to be confused with:

Miro Transport BV,

Active Website

No reason found to be on Blacklist





VOTOB is an association of tank farm operators located in Rotterdam.  In order to be a member of VOTOB, a tank farm operator must abide by certain standards.  For example, members of VOTOB do not charge any up-front fees for the issuance of a Tank Storage Agreement (TSA).  Knowing about VOTOB is therefore useful, because if you use a tank farm which is a member of VOTOB you would have more confidence that the tank farm you have selected will be ethical in its practices.  The current members of VOTOB are as follows:

TEAM Terminal B.V.

Maasvlakte Olie Terminal

Zenith Energy

Koninklijke Vopak N.V.

Vesta Terminal Flushing B.V.

Tank Storage Beheer B.V.

Rubis Terminal B.V.

Oiltanking Terneuzen B.V.

Oiltanking Amsterdam B.V.

Odfjell Terminals B.V.

NuStar Terminals B.V.

Koole Terminals

LBC Tank Terminals

Eurotank Amsterdam B.V.

Euro Tank Terminal Rotterdam B.V.

Botlek Tank Terminal B.V.

There are other tank farms operating in the Port of Rotterdam which are not members of VOTOB but which do not charge any up-front fees for the issuance of a TSA, but you will not know this without asking each individual tank farm operator what its policy is on this point.

2. Other useful information

One reason many prospective purchasers of fuel have difficulty in completing a transaction is because they do not know where to obtain reliable information.  I would suggest that your buyers subscribe to (, which offers one of the most comprehensive tank farm databases available, with information about more than 4,800 independent storage tank farms situated at various locations across the globe.

***Another link that has been helpful locating tank storage worldwide that has a 30 day free trial is:





Promresurs LLC

OOO Mosneft Refinery, (

OOO Origbo UK Tank Farm 


Balayasky Refinery

Standik Neftekbaza, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY - does not exist and has never existed in Russia. This name does not have an INN.

The site does not contain any registration details of this "company."

Address - meaningless - does not specify a city in which there is a street

Ploshtadi Zhuravleva,

Dom 10, Stroenie 3,

Moscow Oblast, 107023

This address and index belongs not to the Moscow region, but to the city of Moscow.

The house at this address is located in the center of the city and there is no office of this "tank farm".

Photo from the site with tanks near the water - does not belong to this pseudo "company" - it is on 30 sites on the Internet:

Volga Alliance Industrial Oil Company, LLC 

They use the name of a really existing village mini-refinery, the size of about 1-2 railway cars.

You can estimate the production capacity of this "giant of the Russian oil industry" by yourself.

Volga-Alliance, which owns a mini-refinery in the Koshkinsky district, is for sale

LLC "PNK Volga-Alliance" 

INN 6315559594

Mini-refineries. Is not an exporter. Productivity of 120 thousand tons per year. According to SPARK-Interfax, the average revenue of the plant in the period from 2013 to 2015 was about 70 million rubles. in year.



Is not an oil refinery. Does not conduct economic activities. Does not submit reports to the tax - the company is a dummy.

ZAO "Vesla" INN 7724522050

address information is not valid

Printing is fake, painted.

Signature - not Russian.

Contact telephones are not available.


Such a company does not exist in Russia. Is not an oil refinery.

Contact phones are absent.

Print fake, stolen from some document by a Photoshop, smeared so that it was not possible to determine the Registration number.

The only thing we could find:




ROSNEFT OIL REFINERY - does not exist in Russia.

Rosneft warns on its website about these scammers.


Such a company does not exist in Russia, no, and has never been in the Register of Legal Entities.


Reported as a fake who introduced the buyer to a fake tank farm.



Reported as a fake by a buyer.

More updates coming soon

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