West Texas Intermediate crude oil




 West Texas Intermediate (WTI), also known as Texas light sweet, is a grade of crude oil used as a benchmark in oil pricing. This grade is described as light because of its relatively low density, and sweet because of its low sulfur content. West Texas Intermediate crude oil in Two Million barrel monthly contracts FOB Houston.  



West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is an extremely high quality crude oil which is greatly valued for the fact that it is of such premium quality, more and better gasoline can be refined from a single barrel than from most other types of oil available on the market.

The WTI “API Gravity” is 39.6 degrees, which makes it a “light” crude oil, with only 0.24 percent sulfur, which makes it a “sweet” crude oil. The term “API Gravity” refers to
the “American Petroleum Institute Gravity, which is a measure that compares how light or  heavy a crude oil is in relation to water. If an oils “API Gravity” is greater than 10 then it is lighter than water and will float on it. If an oils “API Gravity” is less than 10, it is heavier than water and will sink.

These combined qualities as well as location make WTI a prime crude oil to be refined in the United States, which is by far, the largest gasoline consuming country on the planet. The vast majority of WTI crude oils are refined in the Midwest and Gulf Coast regions. Even with production of WTI crude oil in decline, WTI is often priced from $5 to $7 higher per barrel than “OPEC Basket” oil and on average, $1 to $2 higher per barrel than “Brent Blend” oils.


West Texas Intermediate (WTI) shipments into the Cushing storage hub must currently meet the following specifications:

  • Sulfur: 0.42% or less by weight
  • Specific Gravity: Between 37 and 42° on the API scale
  • BSW (sediment, water and other impurities): Less than 1%
  • Pour Point: No greater than 50°F

Beginning with the January 2019 contract, light sweet crude must also meet the following quality standards:

  • MCR (Micro Carbon Residue): Less than 2.40% by weight
  • TAN (Total Acid Number): Less than 0.28 mg KOH/g
  • Nickel: Less than 8 ppm by weight
  • Vanadium: Less than 15 ppm by weight



Gravity, 0API: 40.8

Specific gravity @ 60/60 F.: 0.8212

Sulfur, wt %: 0.34

Vis., cSt @ 600 F.: 5.24

Neut. no., mg/g: 0.10

Nitrogen, wt %: 0.08

Pour pt., 0F.: -20

Light ends C1-C5, wt %: 4.35

Range, 0F.: 68-347

Yield, vol %: 32.39

RON, clear: 56.4*

Sulfur, wt %: 0.0314

Range, 0F.: 347-563

Yield, vol %.: 23.50

Specific gravity @ 60/60: 0.8201

Sulfur, wt %: 0.110 

Aniline pt., 0F.: 150.5

Vis., cSt @ 1000 F.: 1.87

Freeze pt., 0F: -25

Pour pt., 0F.: -33

Smoke pt., mm: 22.1

Range, 0F.: 563-650

Yield, vol %: 8.10

Specific gravity @ 60/60: 0.8529

Sulfur, wt %: 0.289

Aniline pt., 0F.: 176.9

Vis., cSt @ 1000 F.: 6.21

Freeze pt., 0F.: 38*

Pour pt., 0F.: 30

Range, 0F.: 650-1,049

Yield, vol %: 24.30

Specific gravity @ 60/60: 0.8960

Sulfur, wt %: 0.445

Nitrogen, wt %: 0.105

V/Ni, ppm: 0.04*/O.09*


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